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Baymax! mini-sode series dives deeper in the incomparable healing nature of the nursing robot

Disney Animation’s “Big Hero 6” introduced us to Baymax the nursing robot, but we really never got to see him in action nursing people back to health. That’s why “Baymax!” was created.

“We wanted to return to a time where Baymax would go back to doing what he was programmed to do, before his superhero transformation in Big Hero,” said series director Don Hall, who was also director on “Big Hero 6.” With the invent of Disney+, it allowed them to find purpose in making these mini-episodes of Baymax, well, healing people.

Each of the six episodes is told through a new patient’s perspectives, that range from a physical ailment to an emotional one. Similar to how Hiro got healed by Baymax in their journey together after the loss of his inventor brother, Tadashi, we see each of these patients move into their lives healed from what amounted into very real traumas that we can go through everyday, including having a teenager go through her period at school.

All six episodes aren’t siloed either, as each of the patients that Baymax cares for comes together in the last episode that really makes you think about Baymax as a character, and why you care for him so much. 

“Baymax is where humor and heart meet,” says producer Roy Conli, another “Big Hero 6” alum. “Our writer Cirocco Dunlap really got to the heart of who Baymax is in one that can address any ache,” he added.

Scott Adsit returns as the mono-toned voice of Baymax, and feels that the reason why the show works is because Baymax embodies compassion. “He’s in no way judgemental. He’s huggable and listens well. I think that’s how you care for people,” Adsit said.

“Baymax!” and “Big Hero 6” are both streaming now exclusively on Disney+.

Our special thanks to Don Hall, Roy Conli, and Scott Adsit for contributing to this story!


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