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Chris Evans on what got him ready to voice Buzz in “Lightyear”

While many on social media have been adamant about having Chris Evans’ voice Buzz in the upcoming “Lightyear” movie from Pixar, he maintains that he’s just interpreting the character through Tim’s portrayal.

“I’m honored to play someone who I completely fell in love with from the first Toy Story movie,” he told reporters during a virtual press conference for the film. “But I’m just putting on a role that Tim made for all of us,” he said.

Evans went on to echo what director Angus MacClane has said from the beginning of the media tour in that this Buzz was the Buzz in a movie that Andy saw that made him a lifelong fan of the Space Ranger in the first place, which required a different interpretation. 

“He’s a toy in the previous films which allows him to be a little more exaggerated and fun,” he offered, “But this Buzz is a badass hero with trauma that he needs to overcome – all at the same time win Andy’s heart.”

No doubt Evans performance as Buzz in the film offers a more mature and heroic voice, that often dances on his performance as another iconic character, Captain America. He believes that playing Steve Rogers got him ready to voice Buzz, too, but once again pointed to Tim Allen for really embodying what he had to do.

“‘To infinity and beyond!’ was something I knew before ‘Avengers, assemble.’ You do your best to speak it with truth and authenticity, but that’s Tim’s line,” Evans said. “I’m honored that I’ve gotten to say both now with some truth, but we all still feel deeply about Buzz because of what that line embodies for him when we first met him.”

Pixar’s “Lightyear” exclusively plays in theaters and in IMAX on June 17.


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