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Disney showed off these movies to a gathering of theater owners yesterday

even though it was the last presentation at this year's CinemaCon, the Walt Disney Studios had nothing to be shy about.

Every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, a worldwide gathering of movie theater owners called CinemaCon is convened.

A big part of CinemaCon that these theater owners are most excited about are the multiple big presentations that are hosted by movie studios that include a preview of what movies are coming to their theaters in the coming years.

The Walt Disney Studios was once again one of the major studios that put on a show for those theater owners highlighting their slate of films that come from every studio brand they have across this year and into 2025.

“We make our movies with the theatrical audience in mind,” said executive vice president of distribution for the Walt Disney Studios, Tony Chambers. “And we’re very confident that what you see from those films today will only excite and motivate your audience to go to your theaters.”

And with that, the 1 hour and 45 minute presentation began. With humor.

In bit filmed on the set of Marvel Studios’ “Deadpool and Wolverine,” both reprised characters played by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, respectively, walk away from the camera to only hear a cell phone ringtone go off. They break the third-wall and speak directly to us and try to get the ringtone to stop—by using expletives and humor that very much identity these two Marvel characters.

Little did we know that those same elements of humor and bombastic attitude would permeate the enter presentation, albeit at vary levels.

Over 75 minutes of footage from the below films was screened for the CinemaCon audience, most of which wasn’t anything that anyone outside the studio had seen:

  • Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

  • Inside Out 2 (with Amy Poehler)

  • Fantastic 4/Thunderbolts* (with Kevin Feige)

  • Captain America: Brave New World (with Anthony Mackie + Feige)

  • Deadpool & Wolverine (with Shawn Levy + Feige)

  • Alien: Romulus

  • Kinds of Kindness/20th Century Studios (Searchlight Pictures + 20th Century Studios)

  • Mufasa: The Lion King (with Barry Jenkins)

  • Moana 2 (with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson)

Disney also strategically had invited Dolby to kick off the presentation to highlight their partnership over the years, and had all the footage finished AND presented with Dolby Vision and Atmos, which was now being offered as a ‘tech package’ of sorts to theater owners so their audiences, regardless of their theater’s existing infrastructures, can benefit from their highest quality picture and sound.

“With this new offering, we can’t wait for even more moviegoers to be blown away experiencing Disney’s blockbuster films with the combined Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos experience,” said Jed Harmsen, Head of Cinema and Group Entertainment at Dolby. “From high-action superhero movies to colorful animated features, our new solution will allow Disney fans to enjoy these films exactly as the filmmaker intended.”

What you should also know this week

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  • Disney Corporate held its 2024 Annual Meeting of Shareholders that included a pre-recorded video with some announcements, including an early look at a potential James Cameron Avatar-themed land coming to Disneyland Resort should the DisneylandForward proposal move forward. You can watch the video replay of the meeting here.

  • The Walt Disney Studios has set tentative release dates for some big branded films coming from their studio franchises including The Mandalorian & Grogu, Toy Story 5, and the live-action Moana all due out in 2026. See more from Variety.

STILL TO COME: We got inside INSIDE OUT 2.


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