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Disney’s Int’l distribution exec receives award at CinemaCon

Today at CinemaCon, the annual cinema industry’s trade event in Las Vegas, one of Disney’s longtime executives received the Passpartout Award recognizing his achievements in promoting cinema globally.

Jeff Forman has worked in the entertainment industry for over three decades, all of which has been with The Walt Disney Company. Having helped start the studio’s international film distribution operation in 1991, Forman was tasked with planning and executing plans to bring Disney’s films to a global audience. Since then, he climbed the corporate ranks while distributing the now over 500 films that include Disney’s acquired studios like Lucasfilm, Pixar, Marvel Studios, and 20th Century Studios.

In the film industry, a distribution operation works together with exhibitors (movie theater owners) to license and exhibit movies in those theaters. Additionally, distribution also works with the studio’s marketing operation to ensure that audiences are driven to watch those movies in their particular markets.

Forman received the award during the International Day luncheon during CinemaCon, saying that he was humbled to receive it and acknowledged his teams, past and present. “It really does take a village, and I seem to always learn something new from our international partners,” he said during his acceptance speech. “It’s a dream to work in encouraging people to see movies, especially Disney’s movies. They bring joy to the world,” he said.

Colleagues were also quick to share that Forman is also worthy of the recognition because of his demeanor. “He’s a gentle-man, and a gentleman,” said one of his former bosses and close friends. “Jeff can be ultra-competitive and savvy, but he’s kind, humble, and has integrity. I can only hope that more people can be like him, inside and out.”


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