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  • Disney+’s ‘The Santa Clauses’ exists because Tim Allen felt there was more story to Scott Calvin

Disney+’s ‘The Santa Clauses’ exists because Tim Allen felt there was more story to Scott Calvin

It has been nearly three decades since Scott Calvin became Santa Claus in the hit Disney film “The Santa Clause,” but according to actor Tim Allen, Scott Calvin had more story left to tell.

“I originally said no to doing this project because this character is so delicate to me,” said Allen during the show’s virtual press conference. “But the story that I came up with together with Jack Burditt changed my mind,” he continued.

Jack Burddit (writer on ‘Fraser’, ‘30 Rock’) wrote the story of the continuation of Scott Calvin’s story as a book. “It’s a six-chapter book, which each episode being a chapter in that book. It all weaves together and has a purpose and an ending that I think fans of this franchise will love,” Allen said.

When asked why Allen personally wanted to come back into Santa’s sleigh after all these years, he had even more reason to: to work with his daughter.

Elizabeth Allen-Dick got to also play Scott Calvin/Santa Claus’s daughter appropriately named Sanda Calvin-Claus in the series, and she thought it was a cool full-circle moment for her, too. “I grew up knowing that my dad is Santa Claus, so all this makes me happy to see him getting to make people so happy again,” she said.

It’s a family affair in “The Santa Clauses” series, too, exploring what life for Calvin’s kids, wife, and even the entirety of the North Pole has been like since the last “Santa Clause” film. However and moreover, Allen hopes that people get to revisit the magic of the season while watching the series during the holiday. 

“This story is just so magical and happy, and I think we need more of that this year than ever before. The joy of Christmas is what we kept in mind while we made this. Hopefully people get that,” Allen said.

“The Santa Clauses” is now streaming exclusively on Disney+!


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