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  • FX's "The Bear" Season 3 dials in on the stress and the friendships

FX's "The Bear" Season 3 dials in on the stress and the friendships

The cast weren't willing to share much about what's to come, but they did hint at things

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Can you bear more of “The Bear”?

FX has been on a roll when it comes to identifying and amplifying TV series that have been addictive for audiences because of the high value put on production value, writing, and characters.

"The Bear" is a show that checks all those boxes. It swept the Emmys and the TV awards season earlier this year. Now with its third season about to drop on Hulu and Disney+, the cast says that it's all about dialing in on their winning strategy of making great award-winning TV.

"I think audiences have already gotten a good sense of who these guys are thanks to the writing that Chris [Storer] (writer/showrunner) has done to get us to this point," said Jeremy Allen White who plays the show's lead, Carmen "The Bear" Berzatto, during the season 3 global online press conference. "We get to just build on top of all that now and be more precise."

As for what they are building, the cast during the press conference weren't giving any concrete details at what's to come in the 10-episode third season. However, they were open to sharing hints.

For instance, Ebon Moss-Bachrach shared that Ritchie aka "Cousin" to Carmy has found some direction by helping manage The Bear restaurant, but "finding the path is different than walking it."

The long-talked-about deeper relationship between Sydney, played by Emmy-winner Ayo Edebiri, and Carmy still seems to hang in the balance with Ayo saying that there were "no talks" about them finding love.

Liza Colon-Zayas who plays Tina on the show says her character will continue to be developed and challenged inside and outside the kitchen. "She'll always be struggling to be her best, and I think that's why people love her," Zayas said.

The character Natalie aka "Sugar" who is Carmy's sister and played by SNL alum Abby Elliot says that she is still figuring it all out. "We left her in the last episode as a pregnant woman who decided to manage a new restaurant. She also hasn't maybe fully grieved the loss of her brother which started all this in the first place," Elliot said.

So while there is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen to each character, the cast did say that there will be a lot more familiar things featured, namely the food.

"Doing the show has only made us appreciate great food and better parts of the culture around it," said Lionel Boyce who plays Marcus, the gentle and sometimes intense pastry chef. "We all really love the Chicago food scene, and you'll find it's an even more important part of the show this time around," Boyce continued.

Boyce also said that the dishes coming from The Bear's kitchen were once again meticulously designed and prepared by Christopher Storer's sister Courtney, who is a real fine dining chef and helped train the cast at actually making the dishes so their performances were believable and "tasty," as he put it.

Everything in the show also has a flavor of comedy that puts everyone more at ease, but it's something that's definitely needed as season 3 adds even more intensity in the character's interactions and activity in the kitchen that has all become a signature "dish" for all who watch the series. "It's not really a balance so much as [the breaks and levity are] needed, added Moss-Bachrach, sharing that it was an intense shoot over 3 months of filming and required the cast and crew to have fun and be funny so they could enjoy it all.

Production wrapped just a few weeks ago, and when it was all said and done, the cast feels like it was once again all worth it. "For those months when we are together, they are intense, but they were times for us to be together. It was hard to leave each other at the end," said Allen White.

Season 3 of FX's "The Bear" will drop all 10 of the episodes on Hulu and Disney+ three hours earlier than its planned 12 midnight release on June 27. Catch them all (or how much intensity you can take) starting 6 PM PST/9 PM EST on June 26. See the episode titles below:

  • Episode 1: “Tomorrow”

  • Episode 2: “Next”

  • Episode 3: “Doors”

  • Episode 4: “Violet”

  • Episode 5: “Children”

  • Episode 6: “Napkins”

  • Episode 7: “Legacy”

  • Episode 8: “Ice Chips”

  • Episode 9: “Apologies”

  • Episode 10: “Forever”

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