We got to chat with The Beach Boys. Like, really.

Our own Jordie chatted with bandmates Mike Love and Al Jardine, as well as legendary producer Frank Marshall about their new doc coming to Disney+.

From L-R: Mike Love, Frank Marshall, Al Jardine, and me (Jordie)!

Meeting America’s Band.

It was a gloomy May afternoon in Hollywood, California walking down iconic Sunset Boulevard and finding myself in front of some pretty shiny doors outside an unmarked building. I was buzzed in. Little did I know on the other side of those doors, the summer sun would come shining through- thanks to The Beach Boys.

The iconic rock band that found fame in the 1960s writing songs about surfing and the Southern California lifestyle met with us at the equally iconic EastWest recording studios for an intimate sit-down interview with me in celebration of their upcoming documentary coming to Disney+.

Directed by legendary producer Frank Marshall, “The Beach Boys” is an hour-and-a-half of the band in its varied members telling their story. It’s a beautiful and historical retrospective of what the documentary has coined ‘America’s Band’ through never-before-seen archival footage, family photos, and interviews with recording artists who had been inspired by them over the years.

“It really has been so many years, and there are days that it feels like it and days like this that make it feel like it was yesterday,” said Mike Love to me in our chat. Added Al Jardine quickly, “So The Beach Boys are here! What questions do you have?”

Some of the questions we asked:

  • Filming their “Kokomo” music video at the Grand Floridian Hotel at Walt Disney World resort before it opened

  • How Frank Marshall picks his documentary subjects and how The Beach Boys was something he wanted to tell the story of

  • The ending of the documentary featuring the band coming together with Brian Wilson to reminisce

We’re so grateful to our friends at The Walt Disney Studios for this incredible opportunity to chat with these legends.

“The Beach Boys” streams exclusively on Disney+ starting May 24.

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