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Hojo Anaheim wants to bring back the 1950s vacation with its new House of the Retro Future suite

The Howard Johnson (Hojo) Anaheim hotel, just right across the street from Tomorrowland at Disneyland park, just opened a new premium suite modeled after a bygone Tomorrowland attraction.

The House of the Future was an attraction at Disneyland in the 1950s that was a concept home walk-through of what living would look like- in the 1980s.

While it showcased futuristic technology like dishwasher tables and an all-plastic malleable design, the house really was a timeless testament to the beautiful design that is mid-century modern architecture.

With the House of the Retro Future suite, hotel operators hoped to recreate the House of the Future’s design aspects, as well as some now-futuristic technology. You’ll see things like a mid-century modern chair that originally was in the actual Disneyland attraction, and even a TV and music player inside the mirror in the bathroom.

Suite designer Caroline McLean said that she wanted to honor the forward-looking aspects that made the House of the Future an attractive place to be in. “Comfort and functionality have always been at the center of great design,” she said. “Our version of the House of the Future is the perfect hotel room that honors it all.”

McLean and her team poured over hundreds of archival photos of the Disneyland attraction to identify what design elements like colors, architecture, furniture, and art would translate over well to make for a modern luxury hotel accommodation. 

No expense was spared to make the room a part of a modern family vacation experience – with retro touches. Guests to the suite can even use the real record player and play a selection of vinyl records!

Hotel operators will open the suite to guests beginning with two-night stays priced at $1970, which includes parking on-site, exclusive print of the suite made by SHAG, and other amenities.

If you’re interested in staying in the House of the Retro Future Suite at the Howard Johnson Anaheim, bookings have begun on the Hojo Anaheim website.


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