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Meet some of the artists behind the first official Disney Lofi album

When Disney announced the release of their first Lofi album, it was celebrated by a wide range of audiences from both the Lofi and Disney communities. Disney Lofi Minnie: Focus is the first of what hopes to be an album series that takes classic Disney tunes and gives them the low-fidelity treatment.

“Lofi [to me] is a collage of different easy-listening music. It’s music for everyday people, even Disney fans,” said Eddie Lim, whose stage name is Jazzinuf.

He ended up joining the project and covered “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” from Disney*Pixar’s “Toy Story.” Jazzinuf recalls feeling a personal connection to the movie and “Randy Newman’s melody” that called him to cover that particular song. Similarly, his friend Sonia Bize who goes by stage name Hippo Dreams, whom Jazzinuf recommended for the album, also felt a deep connection to the Lofi cover of her favorite Disney song, “Into the Unknown.” She added, “I loved all the harmonies in the [original] song. It’s very calming and I heard the potential right away.”

According to both Jazzinuf and Hippo Dreams, the challenge they had was taking Disney songs and turning them into Disney Lofi songs. “You have to find a part of the song that you can loop to make a Lofi song,” said Hippo Dreams. “It’s like making a different genre, and doing this required me to cross a few musical bridges to get there,” said Jazzinuf.

While some of the Lofi Disney covers mimic the melodic structures of their originals, some are merely taking inspiration from them and going off into an entirely original song, like Jazzinuf’s “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” track.

In addition to these two and their Lofi takes on Disney songs, there are eight other Lofi Disney covers made by Lofi artists. They include “Go the Distance” from Disney’s Hercules by mommy, “Hakuna Matata” from Disney’s The Lion King by Purrple Cat, and “Almost There” from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog by Krynoze, to name a few.

With the broader Lofi community getting the exposure through this popular Disney album, a few of the artists hope that it would lift up the Lofi community even more. “I hope people get to listen with more intention and engage with this type of music. It’s more than just the sleepy background stuff,” said Jazzinuf.

The entire Disney Lofi Minnie: Focus album is now streaming however you listen to music.

Our special thanks to Jazzinuf and Hippo Dreams for contributing to this story!


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