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Pirates 4 Preview @ Disneyland [DisneyExaminer Exclusive]

Fridays are my favorite days of the week because that’s the one day that I don’t have school where other people do. So on these days I go to Disneyland and enjoy everything I possibly can. On April 8th of 2011 I went to the park with a buddy of mine named Andy.  We left around 2pm and got to the park around 2:30pm. The reason I wanted to go the park today was to see the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Sneak Peek in 3D.

The following photos by Mike Ayala. Shot a with Samsung Smartphone.

I went the week before and the line for the preview was massive. It looked like it could have been an hour wait just for the fifteen minute show. So I decided that night was not the night I should go see it. I decided to take pictures during the day.

Star Tours 2.0 … Or the Adventure Continues. You choose!

Will be holding a movie premiere of it’s own: Carthy Cirle Theater – the centerpiece to this renewed Disney Park.

New turnstiles. New look? Not really…why are we copying WDW all of a sudden?

No use for these elephants anymore.

Maybe those elephants can hide somewhere amidst this behemoth of a land. Cars Land that is!

The BIG house for a LITTLE Mermaid…

King Triton awaits guests. Hope he’s wearing sunblock. Still a ways to go before opening day!

But anyway that night the line only took fifteen minutes which I was super grateful for. My friend and I passed the time by taking out our Nintendo DS’ and battling each other on Pokémon. As they let us in I look straight ahead and see a giant tent where the old Hunch back of Notre Dame set use to be. Around it were masts that curved along toward the center where a huge screen was placed.

(Editor’s Note: The following photos are courtesy the AroundDisney.com blog).

There were two pirates on the inner most masts that made the audience give manly chants of “AHOY” and “YO-HO” With the main pirate singing the rest of the “Pirates life for me” song.

He talked about the dangerous journey that we’d have to undergo in order to get to the fountain of youth… DUN DUN DUN!!!! He brought up a little girl from the audience has his first mate and told her to say what challenges would be ahead of us on the journey. Apparently there are zombies, mermaids, and the dreaded pirate of all pirates Blackbeard!

He told us to put our special binoculars on and the preview began. Now I don’t want to spoil it for everyone because I feel everyone should go and enjoy it so I’ll stop talking about this and hope that you all see it before the movie comes out!!


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