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Rennervations EP says new Disney+ show means a lot more to Jeremy Renner after snowcat accident

While actor Jeremy Renner is now receiving support from his near-death accident earlier this year, a new reality show he created puts the focus back on him supporting those around him.

Renner together with one of his best friends Rory Millikin are co-stars in the new Disney+ show, “Rennervations,” which Millikin, who also serves as the show’s executive producer, says is a show that took some time to develop because Renner enjoys his privacy.

“It wasn’t until we started talking about his passion for restoring large vehicles and his connections with community groups that we found something he’d be passionate about,” said Millikin to us in a recent video conference. “As long as it wasn’t going to be about him, he’d be game.”

Rennervations is part-‘Extreme Makeover’ and part-Documentary with Renner and a team of talented builders coming together to “renovate” decommissioned large commercial vehicles (which Renner himself has a collection of) and repurpose them to serve kids in need in communities worldwide.

The four-part reality series highlights a particular project. In one episode, for example, Renner, Millikin, Roxy Molohon, and the rest of the build crew decide to take a truck and turn it into a water filtration unit servicing an impoverished village with many children in India–all in two weeks. In another, the same team turns a truck into a music studio for kids in inner-city Chicago.

The end of each episode features Renner delivering his “Renner-vated” trucks to those communities with the help of his celebrity friends like fellow ‘Avengers’ Anthony Mackie and Vanessa Hudgens.

“But the ending [of the episodes] are the only time you’ll ever see a focus on Jeremy and his star-power,” says Millikan. “It’s really about wanting to encourage people to give back in the ways they can and are passionate about,” he continued.

Still, the attention toward Renner is arguably more present than ever due to the nature of the show releasing a little over 10 weeks since his accident. According to Millikan, he’s glad that his best friend is finally getting a taste of his own medicine.

“He’s not good at receiving help, but now after everything that has happened, he’s getting used to receiving love and support from his friends, family, and fans,” Millikan said. “And that alone is a good fix.”

All four episodes of Rennervations will debut exclusively on Disney+ on April 12.

Our special thanks to Rory Millikan for contributing to this story!


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