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“She-Hulk” is bringing a new type of ‘girl power’ to the MCU

Marvel Studios’ “She-Hulk” started like most MCU projects: with someone being a fan of a specific comic. For Kat Coiro, it was the She-Hulk comics.

“I remember very vividly, being a little girl and seeing the cover of a She-Hulk comic in amidst the sea of male comics, and just not knowing who she was or what this was, but knowing that I was moved by it,” she said in the show’s virtual press conference.

She continued, “The idea of having a woman be large and in-change; taking up space was something that really resonated with me. I remember, I bought that comic book. And so, when this show came along, it was really the culmination of a real dream.”

Coiro worked with head writer Jessica Gao, who also wanted to bring a different type of female superhero to the MCU.

“What’s great about having time with these characters in these types of series is that we get to really get to know them, and Tatiana really got that in playing her character so well,” Gao said. “She brings the human experience to the role and everyday living as a modern woman to the forefront.”

Maslany’s take on doing the show echoed the sentiment of her showrunners in showcasing the ‘girliness’ in the show, and how it’s redefining it and making it a prominent part of the MCU.

“Yes, she can be Jen Walters, attorney, and also be a person who turns green and fights crime. Oh, and she can also be bar swipe dating with her friends,” she said. “Playing the role made me feel so alive knowing that this is what this epic MCU show would be all about.”

Marvel Studios “She-Hulk” is now streaming exclusively on Disney+.


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