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  • We toured the Jim Henson Company Lot + Henson Creature Shop!

We toured the Jim Henson Company Lot + Henson Creature Shop!

Here's an EXCLUSIVE photo tour for you all, our DisneyExaminer subscribers!

Before that story, here’s what you should also know this week

  • Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the reimagining of Splash Mountain, has begun its previews at Walt Disney World this week. Reviews are mostly positive, although there have been some negativity in regards to the narrative. Disneyland’s version of the attraction is due to open later this year.

  • A new land called Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea has opened. The land filled with multiple attractions and experiences brings to life three Disney movies in three areas: Frozen Kingdom (“Frozen”), Rapunzel’s Forest (“Tangled”), and Peter Pan’s Never Land (“Peter Pan”). Check out the teaser video above.

It’s not easy… finding it.

A few weeks ago, we were invited to visit The Jim Henson Company located on the Jim Henson Company lot. The original home of The Muppets (owned by Disney) and other famous puppet programs like Sesame Street still has its global headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

The timing of our tour couldn’t have been at a more meaningful time with the release of Jim Henson: Idea Man, the new Disney+ documentary directed by Ron Howard about the life of Jim and his life’s work on and off TV.

It's a beautiful, yet small and inconspicuous lot off of La Brea Ave. in Hollywood. You'll notice the entrance via two things: a giant Kermit the Frog atop a roof and a very beautiful and detailed old-world "cottages" that extend the length of the lot.

Those cottages are actually a historical landmark as the entire lot was home to the productions of Charlie Chaplin, the pioneering entertainer who created many of the slapstick comedy black-and-white silent films that brought joy to those in the early 1900s.

Much of the lot remains a tribute to Chaplin with hidden references like his iconic footprints. Of course you'll find other more familiar Henson production references, too, like the other Muppets, Fraggle Rock, and more.

In addition to touring the lot, we also were able to tour the fabled Henson Creature Shop, the very real place that still carries on Jim Henson’s legacy in making puppets for films, tv shows, and music artists to this day!

While the lot and Creature Shop is closed to the public (except for special events), we're excited to give you all an EXCLUSIVE photo tour of the lot and part of the creature shop in the photo gallery below.

Our special thanks to The Jim Henson Company for inviting us down!

Hey there…

Entrance of the Jim Henson Company Lot

Conference Room of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop (off the lot somewhere in Burbank)

He’s literally…


The famous Henson Recording Studios. People from Justin Bieber, John Mayer, and Michael Jackson have all recorded here.

The lot and soundstage were originally Charlie Chaplin’s studio where many of his silent films were made.

STILL TO COME: Jordie has an EXCLUSIVE interview with the official voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Bret Iwan aka Mickey (L), Jordie aka Jordie (C), and Kaitlyn Robrock aka Minnie (R)

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